9-The Pyramid of Queen Hetepheres I at Giza

Behind the success of the great builders of pyramids, including Snefru and Khufu, stands a woman. She was one the most important women of the Old Kingdom (c. 2686 BC– 2181 BC) and the owner of a magnificent tomb full of treasures.

Hetepheres I was a wife of Pharaoh Snefru (ruled c. 2613 BC - 2589 BC), mother of Khufu, and the grandmother of Djedefre, Khafre, and Queen Hetepheres II. Her titles were: King’s Mother, Mother of the Dual King, 

The first pyramid, which is currently known as the pyramid of Queen " Hetepheres," which is the mother of King Khufu Since a well was found for burial next to the pyramid, in which the contents of the tomb of Queen Hetepheres were found, and that was why the pyramid was attributed to it and that King Khufu may have prepared it to bury his mother after he learned of the news of the opening of her tomb after her death, so he transferred the contents of the tomb to that The well and that he built that pyramid to be dedicated to it It is a pyramid that has a square base and each side has a length of 45 meters. The pyramid was built at an angle of 51 degrees as the largest pyramid and the entrance to this pyramid and all the pyramids from the north