Submarine Trips From Marsa Alam 

The semi-submarine, despite its name, is just a ship but with a submerged passenger viewing deck, equipped with comfortable swivel seats, located in its' deep hull some three meters below sea level from which you can look down at the seabed through large clear panoramic windows. In real submarines large windows are not usually possible due to the problems of pressure at depth but because the viewing deck of the semi-submarine is close to sea level it is able to make extensive use of glass to create an experience for the passenger similar to scuba diving - without the need for any lessons or the risks of diving, you would love to see Marsa Alam's virgin coral reefs and exotic fish from deep down, but perhaps you are a family with young children or you might be a tad nervous about all those scary marine creatures (jellyfish, sea scorpions etc) or perhaps even the

Excursies Egypte Nefertari Sea scope boat Marsa Alam trip

Nefertari Sea scope boat Marsa Alam trip

Nefertari seascope Trip from Marsa Alam, With air-conditioned underwater observation, which Provides Great Experience for kids and the elderly. Enjoy an hour snorkelling , Enjoy sunset trip with Seafood dinner, with one hour and a half free time at Portghalib, Friendly staff, great fun. Book your Excursion Now

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Nefertari means 'beautiful companion', was one of the best known Egyptian queens, next to Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut. Now you can enjoy a ray of its beauty on our international marina’s harbor as the “ Nefertari” submarine has just arrived at our city’s port, to settle there at its last dedicated destination. It is owned by “ Egypt Sun Marine” company, a well-known company that owns a huge fleet of submarines in Hurghada, Safaga, Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Dahab, Cairo and Alexandria that provides well organized differentiated boat trips. it was designed and constructed by the Egyptian company’s engineers and launched from Safaga’s port. it was dedicated specifically for Port Ghalib, in the Pharaonic style, to be the first submarine of its kind in the Red Sea, Tailor made specifically for Port Ghalib after the approval of the director of the Marina, Captain Sherif Fawzi, on all designs. Port Ghalib, as a destination, was chosen by the managers of the company to be a final step point to launch the new submarine, because of its marina’s high potential , tourist’s and visitor’s high profile categories, the city’s itself architectural style, and its geographical location in the red sea zone . “ The cooperation with the Marina Department, especially captain Sherif Fawzi, was more than wonderful,” said Mr. Hisham Khalel, the boat’s manager. “He facilitated all the procedures for us and provided the suitable place for the submarine in cooperation with Mr. Mohamed Nasr” added by Mr. Hisham. Nefertari will conduct morning boat trips, to introduce visitors to the Red Sea treasures, as the boat is fully equipped with the snorkeling kit. at night, it will act as a marvelous dining restaurant and a café, suitable to offer its guests to take a night cruise inside Marina Port Ghalib while having a perfect sunset dinner. it is considered to be the first-night dinner sea cruise in a Red Sea submarine and can be also used as a place for romantic dinner in the sea with its Seafood and beverage special menu.

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Semi Submarine Trip Marsa Alam Egypt Red Sea for the whole family to see the underwater life of the Red Sea without getting wet!. Join us for a fantastic Seascope submarine Marsa Alam excursions and clearly see, film and photograph the Red Sea most famous corals, fish, and others marine life   It's the perfect way to see the spectacular sea life of the coral reef without even getting wet.  And it's a view no visitor to Marsa Alam can afford to miss.  The Red Sea is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. A beautiful ecosystem which is far older than the Pyramids and which is one of the world's most important marine habitats. Due to its' extensive coral reefs, low coastal population densities and year-round high temperatures, the Red Sea supports a vast range of marine life. It is host to more than a thousand species of fish, many of them not known anywhere else in the world as well as two hundred species of coral, 150 types of crustaceans (crabs, lobsters etc) and many other exotic creatures such as the dugong sea cow, the moray eel and the hammerhead shark. An excursion on the Seascape can be an empowering experience offering a vital holistic view of nature - both a great learning opportunity and giving you invaluable memorable moments of the beauty of Marsa Alam's famous reefs.   

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