Bawiti the Capital of Bahariya

Bahariya flourished culturally and economically. This can be learned from the chapels in Ain el-Muftilla, the tombs in Qãrat Qasr Selim and Qãrat al-Subi. Today, the oasis (36,000 inhabitants) is made up of several small villages (Managim, el-Hara, Mandisha, Zabw, Agouz, Bawiti and al-Haiz), each surrounded by palms and fruit trees.



 Bawiti is the main village of the oasis. The road was not paved until 1978 and before that few tourists visited the oasis. Still, although the closest to Cairo in kilometres, the oasis remains the farthest from time.  

Bawiti the Capital of Baharyia oasis